In Memorium

Sadly, Lady Rena passed from this world in January 2015. Her ready sword, smile and willingness to help will be missed. She now truly flies with the Angels.

Lady Lassairfhiona Inghean Ui Ghallchobhair also known as Rena the Unpronounceable

Born on the battle field into the warrior Clan O'Gallchobhair, Lassairfhiona became a furious fighter just like both of her parents.  Lasairfhiona was expected to become a marshal in the next generation of O'Gallchobhairs. She was given a warrior's training. Her father taught her strategy and leadership. Her mother gave her a more sensual education as a woman. Lassairfhiona developed into a ferocious warrior who honed and ployed her female sensuality with consummate skill. Lassairfhiona soon learned that beyond her fighting prowess, she developed a power over men.  Her reputation was enhanced by her stunning beauty.

As head of the clan o Gallachobhair, Lassairfhiona's father often had important guests staying at the keep. On one occasion, a Spanish ambassador came to stay at the keep. He was a powerful man in her queen's court and was use to getting what he wanted especially from women. He saw Lassairfhiona sitting beside her mother at the head table.  He tried to buy her affections with expensive gifts but she refused them all. Even though his physical presence and undesired advances made Lassairfhiona feel ill, she had to maintain the hospitality her father expected to be given to all guests of his keep.

One afternoon the ambassador tricked her into coming to his apartments by sending a false message saying her father needed her there immediately. She went into the ambassador's apartments looking for her father. The ambassador managed to corner Lassairfhiona and tried to have his wicked way with her.  In a fit of exasperation and pique (not to mention finally Having Enough Of This Crap), she killed the swine.

Unfortunately for Our Heroine, the ambassador's assistant was hiding in the room, saw everything, and managed to slip away unnoticed. The assistant went back to the Queen's court and lied his socks off about the ambassador's death. The Queen was outraged at this news and demanded Lassairfhiona's head on a platter for killing Her favorite member of Her royal court. If Lassairfhiona was not sent to spain, the Queen would declare war with Northern Ireland for the insult to Her country. Lassairfhiona's parents did not stand by and let some foreign Queen murder their beloved daughter, but neither could Lasairfhiona's father let the Spanish Queen start a war with Ireland over his daughter.  

Solution: Lassairfhiona had to go into exile. Despite the hefty bounty Her Spanish Majesty put on the flame-haired wench, The Queen did not have reason to go to war with Ireland with Trouble swept under the rug.

Lassairfhiona left her homeland and became a mercenary. Despite the difficult challenges a female mercenary had to overcome to become a leader of a band, Lassairfhiona became such a leader. Under her guidance, her mercenary band developed a fierce and powerful reputation of always winning. Lassairfhiona's band is eagerly sought out for hire by powerful land owners trying to win their personal skirmishes. 



Companion of the Golden Alce 2/12/11
Companion of the Millguard (Delftwood [Mart.]) 12/18/10
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Srvc.]) 5/1/10
Award of Arms 9/12/09




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