Lady Gwenhwyvar Morwyn

Depending on what day of the week it is, she's a 12th century Welsh abbess with an open back door on the Abbey (and that's how Fenris gets in trouble, naughty girl!), a 16th century Englishwoman, or a 15th century Tudor lady. And she's currently working on Byzantine. Fabrics and sparklies and trims, oh my!
Anything sparkly; she currently enjoys illumination and sewing. She is also the champion of anything four-footed and furry, especially if they like to cuddle.


Companion of the Sycamore  6/19/10
Companion of the Capstan   (Delftwood-{[A&S])   2/7/09
Baronial Bardic Champion – (Delftwood)  2/16/08
Companion of the Keystone –07/23/05
Companion of the Windmill – (Delftwood [Srvc])  10/09/04

Offices:  Mistress of the Lists


Purpure, a chevron ermine between in chief five escallops and in base a dragonfly tergiant argent




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